Adventures from RK, otherwise not allowed in their forums.
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 Welcome to Renaissance Tales!

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Welcome to Renaissance Tales! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Renaissance Tales!   Welcome to Renaissance Tales! EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 9:24 pm

Is your writing a bit above whats allowed in RK forums?  

  • Did you post something only to be reminded that it might be against rules or too risque for the 13's that might be there?

  • Renaissance Tales is the area where you are safe to do that.  You must be okay with innuendo, adult situations and humour.

  • This is NOT a replacement for RK forums, just an extension of, please continue to use the RK forums.

  • By signing up you agree that you are 18 and over and that innuendo, adult situations and humour do not bother you.

IC and OOC

Unless the forum is marked for Out of Character please stay within character.

* Rules will be added to and amended as seen fit.
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Welcome to Renaissance Tales!
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